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5 Reasons to Buy Eyewear Offline


So, it’s time to buy a pair of eyeglasses frames. Where’s the best place to shop? Online, or at an optical store? For many things, buying online often means we shop faster and get what we need at a much cheaper price. But when it comes to getting it right, purchasing eyewear from a vision center offers many benefits that are plain to see.

Let’s remember: prescription eyeglasses are a medical device, and who better to help guide you in making your selection than an eyecare professional? An optician has the knowledge to help guide you in choosing the best eyeglasses frames for your vision, lifestyle and fashion needs!

A vision center will also provide you with a necessary eye exam. Annual eye exams are very important because they not only pinpoint any vision correction needs you may have, they also check for early signs of common vision-related diseases and overall health.

One size doesn’t fit all
The optician will take the necessary measurements to ensure your eyeglass frames not only fit well, but help you see better. Then, your sales associate will suggest the best frames based on your individual needs. Without precise measurements, your eyewear may give you headaches, cause dizziness or just be uncomfortable to wear, no matter how much you like the look of the prescription eyeglasses.

Also, you may not be aware that many online eyewear retailers only provide single vision lenses and can’t accommodate progressives (bifocals) or multifocal lenses. If you have a complex glasses prescription, you will have to provide all of your measurements yourself.

Isn’t that special
Perhaps when buying prescription glasses, you think certain “extras” like anti-reflective (AR) coatings and special, lightweight lenses are just a ploy for vision centers to make more money from consumers? But take a word of advice from someone who has worn eyewear for many years. I’m willing to spend a little extra to make sure I am comfortable. An experienced optician will be able to steer you in the right direction about thinner, lighter lenses that will make your eyeglass frames more comfortable and attractive regardless of your prescription. And, the optician can help you select specialized coatings, if necessary, to meet your lifestyle needs.

The look you love
Some online retailers offer the designer and brand name eyewear you’re looking for, but aren’t necessarily authorized resellers of the eyeglass frames. This means you will not have a well warranted product should the eyeglass frames break or malfunction. And that means more money out of your pocket to have the eyewear frames repaired.

So perhaps you understand the importance of the eye exam and the accuracy of measurements, but you’re still intrigued by less expensive online eyewear. Well, cheaper isn’t always better. Optical stores will work with you to put together the most cost effective eyewear solution that will help you see better without breaking the bank.

Even if you’re able to try eyeglass frames on at home, and, it won’t compensate for the attention you’ll receive from opticians who have been trained to provide you with your eyecare needs.

The bottom line
When you buy prescription eyeglasses online, you may spend less, but you’ll often get less. You’ll not only miss out on the experience of shopping in store, but the important eye exam, consultation, fitting, and often better warranties and other services that are part of the added value of purchasing from eyeglass stores like Cohen’s Fashion Optical.


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