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#EyeStyle for Every Age

COHENS-EYE-STYLE-EVERY-AGE-FEATURED_1“Is this age-appropriate?”

That’s one question you’ll hear floating around dressing rooms and the answer is sometimes obvious.  If you have to ask, it probably isn’t.  Daisy Dukes are best left to girls in their 20’s.  However, there are exceptions, like Madonna.  On the flip side, not many 20-somethings are wearing the same Roger Vivier 2-inch classic heels to Thursday night Happy Hour that their mom wore to a luncheon earlier.  The conclusion here is that style finds its age in a natural way.  As women transition from their 20’s up into their 40’s, many things change like lifestyle, career and social life — and personal style shifts over time to reflect that.  Thanks to Instagram, we have proof that this is true.  How many #ThrowbackThursdays have you seen of your friends in leather skirts and sky high boots from 1996, that now have 2 kids and only wear flats.  Style does, in fact, have its age.

Where does eyewear fit into this?  Is there “age-appropriate” eyewear?  Not exactly.  There aren’t any unwritten-but-socially-enforced rules about glasses like there are for hemlines.  For eyewear, it’s a softer trend and it’s influenced by the age of the people buying particular frames.  For example, you’ll find more “bling” on glasses on a younger person and wire-rim “Granny Glasses” didn’t get termed that because Jessica Simpson wore them.  We’ve dug deeper into the trends in various age groups, to let you know what they are and who is wearing them.


Bold Embellished Frames

Women in their 20’s like to stand out and accessorize with a little (or a lot of) “bling” and their eyewear choices fall into that mix.  They seek out frames that do double duty: glasses + statement-making-accessories.  They tend to be a little bit more, “Hey, look at me” with studs and gems and designer logos.  A favorite among style seekers in their 20’s are these bold Valentino frames, which are darker and thicker and embellished with his highly recognizable studs.

Rihanna “Goes Hard” in Bold Embellished Frames

Cat Eye Frames

Women in their 30’s like to get creative with their eyewear.  They are not as “trendy” conscious as they were in their 20’s and they like modern takes on classics that endure.  It’s less about “This Season” and more about “These look really good on me”.  Cat Eye frames are a really good choice because they will always be in style as long as Breakfast at Tiffany’s is referenced in modern culture.  Cat Eyes are continually reinvented by eyewear designers, so they stay current.  Tom Ford makes a great Cat Eye frame because they are sophisticated and edgy and a bit playful.

Chloe Sevigny is no stranger to fashion-forward frames; she makes them part of her signature.

Let’s Get Studious

Women in their 40’s who wear glasses want them to be part of their look, but not own the look.  They don’t want their frames to be the first thing a person sees on them.  They opt for thinner/lightweight frames in lighter or ombre colors, that compliment a more polished look.  The more we researched this trend, we found women in their 40’s wearing glasses just looked very smart; leading us to believe that the 40’s are a time to look studious and glasses play up that aspect.  Valentino makes very clean and classic frames that are as effective as they are stylish.  You won’t find a lot of bells and whistles on them, and that’s the point!

40s Eyeglasses

Barely There Frames

Ever notice how someone on the plus side of 50 is wearing glasses that are barely there?  There’s a science behind that!  Lighter color frames and wire-rim and semi-rim frames give the look of a natural lift in the eye area. Minimalist frames can actually soften the appearance of expression lines around the eyes. (Yes, we’re referring to wrinkles) Also, as hair and eyebrows get lighter over time, you want frames that don’t compete with your features.  These semi-rim Ferragamo’s are “barely there” and are a compliment to graceful aging in their simplicity. 

50s Eyeglasses-1

These are just a few of the many style tips coming your way.  We want to help you get fitted in frames that you feel good in, suit your style and help you best see the beautiful world in front of you.  For more style tips, eye care advice and eyewear inspirations, visit  Also, message our inbox on Facebook to ask any questions you might have in relation to your eyewear purchases or decisions.  We want to be part of helping you #SeeTheNewYou!