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Feeling Catty: NYFW’s Style Stars Pounce on the Cat-Eye Trend

Every September Manhattan erupts into a bit of a circus as the fashion industry’s elite bounces around from city to city, and catwalk to catwalk. During New York Fashion Week, the city becomes overrun with celebrities, buyers, editors, designers, models, and photographers as they flock to the shows in an effort to see and be seen. In theory, the runways should be commanding the undivided attention of these industry devotees, but as designers produce fewer and fewer ready-to-wear pieces in favor of artistic statements generated specifically and only for the shows, the catwalk increasingly shares this influx of attention with the sidewalk.

If you care to know what’s truly trending, simply loiter near Skylight Clarkson SQ during the second week of September and watch as show-goers ebb and flow. This is the place and moment in which the inspiration that is gleaned from the runways intersects with reality and becomes a little something that we like to call street style (you may have heard of it). And if one is in search of the season’s “it” bag, must-have shoe, or most avant-garde eyewear, this is where it can be found.

Current trends run the gamut from punk to menswear to granny-chic, each of which has been widely represented in the admission lines of this week’s shows. However, the single most prominent piece of the week has transcended all genres, finding its place in each. Fashion eyewear is unquestionably the accessory of the season, with a very conspicuous focus on the surprisingly versatile cat-eye shape. From the latest sunglasses to prescription lenses, feline frames add a necessary touch of femininity to many of this seasons more androgynous trends, as well as a pop of polish to many of it’s more deconstructed styles. From moto-jackets to miniskirts, I’ve compiled some of the week’s most inspiring pairings.


Coordinated separates and oversized blazers in various iterations of tweed, herringbone and plaid have been a frequent sighting this week. When paired with these traditionally masculine pieces, a belted waist and a cat-eye frame add an element of unexpected girlishness.

This One's From The Boys - NYFW


This One’s From The Boys – NYFW by theantisocialista on Polyvore


While some may have declared the vintage band tee-shirt trend dead, the week’s style stars beg to differ. Embrace a bit of punk by layering a statement tee beneath a moto-jacket or tuck into a leather skirt, then update this look for the season by adding a pair of bold cat-eye frames.

Make A Statement - NYFW


Make A Statement – NYFW by theantisocialista on Polyvore


Styling the print-on-print trend has never been easier. We used to have to rely on a stellar eye and ample creativity to successfully pull off this look, but the updated version includes several different patterns in the same garment, exuding a shred of homemade feel with a final product that varies from quilt-like to laundry-basket-mash-up. Adding a mid-sized cat-eye frame produces a hint of refinement in this whimsical look.

Do It Yourself - NYFW


Do It Yourself – NYFW by theantisocialista on Polyvore


Red is just right for fall, but a bold color choice often calls for a more subdued lens. Choose a small frame in a neutral color such as black or tortoiseshell, opt for a pair of clear frame eyeglasses, or (what the heck, right?) make a bold statement by donning a pair of red sunglasses.

In The Red - NYFW


In The Red – NYFW by theantisocialista featuring white sunglasses


As an update to the athleisure movement of past seasons, urban bombers, recognizable athletic logos, and running sneakers have taken center stage. Pair sporty garb with pink-hued or rhinestone-accented designer shades to dress up this intrinsically casual vibe.

Just For Sport - NYFW


Just For Sport – NYFW by theantisocialista featuring Tom Ford


It should come as no surprise that there is a countermovement to the bulky blazers, punky sportswear, and motorcycle garb that is currently so popular. By incorporating metallic textiles and graphic prints in demure silhouettes, street style stars are happy to embrace some elegance and sophistication this fall as well, and nothing conveys ultimate glamour like an oversized cat-eye.

Glamour Girl - NYFW


Glamour Girl – NYFW by theantisocialista on Polyvore

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