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Match Your Glasses to Your College Major

Choosing a major is one of the first big decisions you’ll make as an adult (after choosing which college to attend). Make sure you look the part this fall with a pair of frames suited to make major style statement. Our frame round-up features a range of options for the English major to the science major, so you’ll be optically sorted to slay this semester.

English Major
Books are your everything. You consume copious amounts of literature, obsess over the Chicago Manual of Style, and adore works from Ernest Hemingway to Ann Patchett. Your style is equally measured with a predilection for tortoise shell glasses or a literacy-minded round style, all the better to read the words on a page that fuel your passion.

Calvin Klein & Ray-Ban Circular Frames


Glasses for Every Major: English Major by prossima featuring Ray-Ban

Art Major
Creativity and self expression are integral to your nature. You’re equally at home studying art history or creating your own art. Personal style is just another form of expression, so you carefully consider every element in your ensemble, including your glasses! Colored frame glasses and even clear frame glasses are a great accent, or you may steer more towards an edgy frame shape. Either way, your glasses make a statement all of their own.

saint laurent & calvin klein colored eyeglass frames


Glasses for Every Major: Art Major by prossima featuring Yves Saint Laurent

Economics Major
Macro, micro, anyway you slice it, it’s all about the numbers for you. The Wall Street Journal is on your daily must-reads and Adam Smith is tops off your list of core economics tomes. Your frame style is all business—along the lines of a rimless style or a hybrid acetate-titanium mix—all the better to get your #girlboss message across.

calvin klein titanium & rimless eyeglass frames


Glasses for Every Major: Economics Major by prossima featuring rimless eyeglasses

Science Major
Organic chemistry, human anatomy, Newtonian mechanics—the sciences have stolen your heart. The scientific method creeps into your everyday life, with your hypotheses on life, experiments in food, dating, music, and resulting analyses. You eschew the quintessential nerd style, and instead go for librarian cool with edgy styles or an unexpected pop of color like a pair of blue eyeglasses.

saint laurent blue & black eyeglass frames


Glasses for Every Major: Science Major by prossima featuring eye makeup

Intrigued? Find the perfect frames to fit your major at Cohen’s. Check out for a list of stores near you, or visit the location at 825 Broadway for many of the brands and styles mentioned above.


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