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Designer Sunglasses Are This Year’s Must-Have Wedding Accessory

Cohens Fashion Optical - Designer Sunglasses as Wedding Accessories - Bride and Groom

Hear those bells? Oh yes, THOSE bells. It’s officially wedding season and whether you are newly engaged, newly single or newly into acai bowls, you’ll most likely be attending a wedding or 4 this summer. So it’s time to be prepared for a few things- what to wear, how to accessorize and how to avoid those drunken aunts that will drag you on the dance floor when “Don’t Stop Believing” comes on.

I spoke with renowned Hamptons wedding planner, Jill Gordon from Jill Gordon Celebrate and asked her to share all the trendy ways that sunglasses make for white-hot wedding accessories this year:

Cohens Fashion Optical - Designer Sunglasses as Wedding Accessories - Bride and Guest in Sunglasses

For Wedding Guests:

  • Trendy sunglasses can second as a fashionable way to scope out the single ladies and fellas. They are also perfect for hiding those inevitable happy tears.
  • Heading to a beach or an outdoor wedding? Shades are a must have to avoid uncomfortable squinting and to protect your peepers.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Designer Sunglasses as Wedding Accessories - Bridal Party in Sunglasses

For the Bridal Party:

  • Brides/Grooms- looking for a chic and useful bridal party gift that your favorite people will use for years to come? Get them each a pair of sunglasses as unique as they are and ask them to wear them the day of the wedding
  • Outdoor wedding venues are en vogue for the summer. Want to avoid wedding pics sprinkled with squinty eyes? Be sure to sport some bridal party sunglasses for that classic jumping in unison shot!
  • Looking to bring a badass Vegas vibe to the reception? Whip out a pair of shades on the dance floor to really get the party started.

Cohens Fashion Optical - Designer Sunglasses as Wedding Accessories - Bride and Groom

For the Bride/Groom

  • As the big day nears, stress can build, and your honeymoon can’t seem to come quick enough. Gifting your husband or wife to be a new pair of designer sunglasses with a note saying “Can’t wait to unwind, wine and dine together as Mr. +Mrs. “ would be a thoughtful gesture of solidarity. “We’ve got this!”

So there you have it- designer sunglasses are just as important as an open bar during this year’s wedding season. Be sure to check out Cohen’s Fashion Optical wide variety of designer sunglasses like Ray Ban, Tom Ford, Chloe and Kate Spade to make your big day even more fun and fabulous. Cheers!

Cohens Fashion Optical - Jill Gordon



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