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What goes around comes around… 90’s Fashion Redux

On snowy days like today, I sometimes feel an urge to make an oversized cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows + extra whipped cream and to cuddle up on the couch ala my mermaid tail blanket to watch the classics…you know, like Clueless.

It’s hard to believe that this iconic 90’s movie is 22 years old.

Stop. Let’s not do that math.

So how can we relive those glory days of yesteryear and live like every day is a Throwback Thursday? Well, through fashion, of course. Whether you like it or not, you best prepare yourself for a nostalgia overload because 90’s trends are currently all the rage, especially in the world of designer eyewear. With that in mind, I’ve come up with some modern twists to a few of the 90’s greatest hits.

Ready? Set? Let’s do a makeover!

Goth Goes Glam

Let’s revitalize the rebellious, anarchistic and adventuresome sides of women with some Goth gone glam, a trend that came to fame in the 90s and is now back with a vengeance.

How to conquer this bold style?

Flirt with the look by donning a sheer top adorned with heavy accents in either metal or lace. Then master the style with a choker and a deep berry lip, a ’90s beauty staple that can still be spotted on today’s red carpet. As for eyewear, stick with Goth-inspired angular square frames, like these from Prada. These designer shades are trimmed in a dark teal marble acetate with grey tinted lenses, silver metalwork branded arms and an iconic top bar that will complete this grab a gun (or some gum) and go look.

Goth Goes Glam


Goth Goes Glam by jordan-manfredi featuring a transparent dress

Aerobically Effective 2.0

What might have been dubbed stylish gym clothes in the 90’s now has an official catchphrase.


Yup, one of those made-up terms that is ridiculously nonsensical as to be perfectly descriptive. But athleisure represents a bigger, and likely permanent, sea change in fashion. It has even appeared on designer runways, including Chanel and Stella McCartney and will most likely continue to be a mainstay, as consumers are embracing healthier lifestyles, while also demanding more functionality from their wardrobes.

However, before we continue, we must clear the air. All leggings should remain at the gym.

Now that that’s over, let’s get ready to “après-sport.”

To sport this athletic look, pair a well-fitted, monochromatic dress with a sleek looking sporty sneaker for a gym to boardroom look. Or pull together a pair of shiny, well-fitted track pants with a fabulous heel to let others know that you can most likely, do it all. And be sure to solidify your statement with a classic designer frame, like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, to give you an undeniable retro-chic look.


Aerobically Effective 2.0


Aerobically Effective 2.0 by jordan-manfredi featuring strap shoes

Slip Into Something Comfortable

Yes, these thin, little spaghetti strap dresses are back. This time around, wear them over your favorite T-shirts, turtlenecks or even sweaters for a cool winter look. Throw on a leather jacket or a funky, bold sneaker and you’ll be looking totally rad.

Better yet? Slip on a pair of blush worthy designer eyeglasses like Chloe’s peach translucent acetate Carlina sunglasses styled with overlapping gold tone metal border, to add to your womanly mystique.

Slip Into Something Comfortable


Slip Into Something Comfortable by jordan-manfredi featuring clear lens glasses

Mad About Plaid

“As If” plaid could ever go out of style. Plaid shirts aka flannel shirts were one of the most definitive trends of 90’s fashion. Who can forget Kurt Cobain of Nirvana wearing them in the iconic video for “Smells Like Teenage Spirit?” The Seattle rock scene’s trend “grungy” style dressing went mainstream and once MTV caught on, angst-ridden teenagers and 20-somethings across America began rummaging thrift to find a well-worn flannel friend.

The power of plaid is known to cross generations and whether you pair it over a dress, on you waist, under your dad’s fisherman sweater, with a lace mini or tucked into a pair of fabulously fitted pants, the pattern will always be a fan favorite.

To ensure you’ll never be “ensemble-y challenged”, complete your look with a pair of ultra stylish designer sunglasses from Burberry. These always-elegant frames feature signature textured plaid detailing on the temples in the classic Burberry print and a light gold tone trim along the hinges. Complete with a soft gradient lens for an ultimate chic accessory, ideal for any occasion.

Mad About Plaid


Mad About Plaid by jordan-manfredi featuring a long sweater

Ready to make your inner 90’s self proud? Then let’s get started by stopping into your local Cohen’s Fashion Optical store to pick up the latest and greatest in 90’s styled glasses…and I hope not sporadically!


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