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New Fall Look: Edgy Eyeglass Frames You’ll Love

The fall fashion season is making its way down the runway—so it’s a great time to make a change in your eyewear. We’re happy to report that the new eyeglass trends are pointing toward bold, edgy colors (how fun is that?). Read on for a roundup of some of the newest styles to hit the stores, from clear eyeglass frames to crystal eyeglasses and millennial pink or purple eyeglasses. Then catch the spirit and make a statement with eyewear that’s fresh and fashion-forward. We dare you.

Clear Frames


Crazy for Crystal
We’re seeing lots of cool, crystal-clear frames in different shapes and styles hitting the optical world right now. The trend toward translucent frames comes with a lot of bonuses. First, clear eyeglass frames offer a versatile look that will go with just about any complexion or outfit (no need to worry about clashing colors). They also give you an instant upscale upgrade, with a dash of retro cool. You can find clear eyeglasses in a variety of options, from ray bans to square edges and oversized frames. Adding to their versatility, many crystal eyeglass styles are unisex (except for those cat-eye frames that women wear so well). White eyeglass frames are also hip right now in women’s eyewear, lending a touch of acetate elegance to your look.

millennial pink


Pretty in Pink
Are you up on the trendiest color of the year—millennial pink? Without even realizing it, you’ve probably seen this color in hair, makeup palettes, home furnishings, and even cocktails. So it’s natural that you’ll find it in eyewear too. No one quite agrees on the exact shade that’s millennial pink, so you’ll see it in various gradations—from rose quartz to cotton candy. One differentiator is that millennial pink is not too princess-y or sugar-sweet. Rather, it can be a touch subdued and verging on neutral (like peach or beige)—and easier to wear than you might think.

Purple eyewear


More Purple, Please
From raspberry to purple rain and aubergine, shades of purple are popping up in today’s eyewear. The hue of grape Kool-Aid and the favorite color of Prince has come back into style in a big way. If you decide to rock purple frames, just be sure they complement your hair color and complexion (redheads might want to steer clear of this hue). Is purple just too purple for you? Instead of solid purple frames, look for eyeglasses that have purple accents, or go with an ombre style with purple on top and clear below.

Grey glasses


Go for It in Gray
While edgy colors are exploding right now, be sure not to overlook the countertrend toward sleek, stylish gray. From steel tones to mellow, cool gray, this color is taking over for both men and women. Often found in gray-ish and silver hues, titanium eyeglass frames are particularly attractive to both men and women for a range of reasons. The material is super-strong yet lightweight enough to feel almost weightless. Titanium glasses go with just about everything, resist yanking and bending, and require very little maintenance. While their colors may not “pop,” titanium eyeglasses earn big points for being effortlessly stylish.

Ready to explore the fall eyewear trends? Stop by the Cohen’s Fashion Optical in the Gateway Plaza, and speak with an EyeStylist who will help you find a new look, that’s still totally you!


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