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The Styles He’ll Need for Summer


For many women, accessories are the difference between the dressed down jeans-and-tee worn on a late night Haagen Dazs run, and the chic jeans-and-tee worn to Le Coucou on a Thursday night. It is often these finishing touches that lend a sense of refinement and personal expression to an outfit, and although menswear is not traditionally associated with accessories, it should be noted that men’s fashion includes a plethora of masculine accoutrements that are often underutilized by men.

Although he may not refer to them as such, the sharply dressed man takes advantage of a multitude of accessories including cufflinks, ascots, pocket squares, watches, belts, socks, hats, and glasses. He knows that a belt should never be paired with suspenders; that an appropriate tie should correspond to the width of his lapel; and that his shoes should — without exception — match his belt. He also knows that the right timepiece or glasses frame is essential to adding additional polish to his look. Men’s eyewear is particularly bold this season, so I put together a cheat sheet to help elevate your glasses game no matter your desired vibe.

The Hipster: Do you shave with a straight razor or fell trees in the East Village on Saturdays? No, but you wish you did, don’t you? The latest trend in hipster glasses frames for men is defined by a slim, rectangular shape that compliments a beard and flannel shirt. No chainsaw required.

The Hipster


The Hipster by theantisocialista featuring square glasses


The Nerd: If this is the first you’re hearing of geek-chic, you’ve probably been backpacking through Nepal on a solo soul-searching mission with no LTE service. Welcome back! And you’d better get used to the term because the nerd vibe has officially infiltrated the world of menswear. Being a “smart” dresser has taken on a much more literal form of late, so if you’re going to try out the mathlete aesthetic, opt for oversized and vintage inspired frames.

The Nerd


The Nerd by theantisocialista on Polyvore


The Weekender: If you’re seeking to spice up your casual weekend uniform, look no further than a round shape. Round eyeglasses for men hint at a heightened fashion I.Q. when added to even the most understated look, giving the impression that you’re simply taking a short break from the haute life while picking up your dry-cleaning on Saturday morning.

The Weekender


The Weekender by theantisocialista featuring round eyeglasses


The Suit: Considering their bold, fashion-forward nature, clear men’s glasses frames are surprisingly versatile for the man who cares to be taken seriously. Paired with dark denim or a sharply tailored suit, a translucent frame adds an element of daring sophistication to any look.

The Suit


The Suit by theantisocialista on Polyvore


The Male Model: The D-frame is the latest trend in men’s eyewear. Combined with a flat browline, this shape provides a simultaneously retro and futuristic feel, which makes it an avant-garde option for fashion’s statement makers…or gasoline fights.

The Male Model


The Male Model by theantisocialista featuring gucci mens sunglasses


The Frat Boy: Channeling your inner 6th-year senior for a backyard cookout? Pair your red Solo cups and pingpong balls with some wayfarers. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair, but add bonus points for neon frames or mirrored lenses.

The Frat Boy


The Frat Boy by theantisocialista featuring wayfarer sunglasses


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