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The Truth Behind Online Eye Exams


Visiting your Eye Doctor for an annual checkup is a simple – and essential – step to keeping your vision clear, and your eyes healthy.

…But let’s face it, no one likes going to the Doctor, and with the growing popularity of “Online Eye Exams”, people seem to be more inclined to skip their yearly trip to the Optometrist for the convenience of an online exam.

Gary Heiting, Doctor of Optometry, and Amy Hellem over at All About Vision have put together a great article, a la ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ , which exposes/addresses the fallacies behind “Online Eye Exams”, and discuss the importance of taking that yearly trip to visit the Eye Doctor.

What it comes down to… there are no good reasons to not go and see your doctor yearly, only excuses.

Don’t wait. Schedule your annual Eye Exam at your local Cohen’s Fashion Optical today.

Why An Online Eye Test Can’t Replace Your Eye Doctor via All About Vision



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