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Looking Back: 90 Years of Iconic Eyeglasses

My job as a fashion blogger and freelance writer is to identify trends and write about them in a clever way, while simultaneously making them seem relevant and wearable. With the advent of the internet, blogs, and fast fashion, trends come and go quickly, so it seems there’s always a fresh idea to contemplate. Moreover, in the past several seasons the sartorial pendulum has swung far from previous eras of stark minimalism, and has spoiled me with an abundance of material. Bold trends have been emerging at warp speed, but therein lies my quandary; lately it’s almost become hard to define what isn’t trending.

Fashion is typically cyclical, and styles are born and then fall out of favor, only to eventually return with a retro vengeance. Usually these throwbacks appear in clusters correlating to a specific time period — like in 2015, when mom jeans emerged alongside backpack handbags with bizarre trinkets swinging from the zipper-pulls (nineties much?). But with the return of the seventies’ sweater-vest as well as the hyper-feminine granny-chic of the fifties (and spanning everything in between), this year’s profusion of trends extends a nod not to a particular decade, but to nearly a century’s worth of innovative style.

Still, it must be noted that the rebirth of an iconic look is defined by the details. While the wild prints of the seventies and padded shoulders of the eighties are typical of the respective periods, no vestiary revival would be complete without corresponding eyewear. In honor of Cohen’s Fashion Optical’s 90th anniversary this month, I decided to take a look back at nine decades of vintage eyewear and the modern interpretations that are stocking the shelves of your local Cohen’s Fashion Optical today.

For ninety years Cohen’s Fashion Optical has stocked both the initial as well as throwback iterations of all of the most coveted fashion eyeglass styles. Stop in to your local store to see a variety of the designer eyeglasses featured above, as well as infinite additional options to help you channel your inner Marilyn, Brigitte, or Grace.


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